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Tiler More. A fun game that you will love. Stack letters, make words, get all the words to win.Apple App Store icon

Tiler More is a very fun word building game that you will love. Make words by stacking letter and merging them together. Get all the words to win!

The rules are simple:
  • Stacks are limited to 3 high
  • Tiles can have no more than 3 letters
  • You must have at least 3 units of fun
What People Are Saying
  • "What the heck, guys?"
  • "I definitely don't hate it!"
    Devika C, Beta Tester
    Kyle's mom
  • "This game is Certified Fun!"
    A Ph.D. Funologist
  • "beTTEr ThAn stAcKing TilES IN rEAL LIfE"
    A child
  • Who made this?
    Mostly Bits, which is really just Kyle and Tony on nights and weekends.
  • Can I contact you?

    We’re flattered, but we’re both happily married.

    Oh, you mean about the game! Sure, email or twitter is fine. We read every email we receive, as long as it’s embarrassingly sycophantic or adulatory.

  • What the heck, guys?
    Tyler, is that you? You are welcome and we are sorry.