Tiler Store - a place to buy things about the very fun game Tiler More

👋 We're Kyle and Tony aka Mostly Bits

We made the very fun game Tiler More. If you like the game or you're into our nonsense in general, then by all means buy a shirt! Every purchase validates our irresponsible life choice to make goofs and games.

  • Who should I contact if something goes wrong?
    Send an email to tilerstore@mostlybits.co and we'll investigate.
  • When will I get my shirt?
    We offer flat rate shipping that is typically 3-4 business days after fulfillment. Our shirts are made to order, so it can take 10-12 days from the time of order for delivery.
  • Can I get a shirt if I don’t live in the United States?
    We don’t currently ship internationally, but send us an email and we’ll keep a tally. If enough people ask us about it, we’ll look into it!
  • Do you accept PayPal?
    Not at the moment, but we'll consider adding it if there's enough demand. Just shoot us an email.
  • Is my money going to, like, charity or something?
    Only if you consider two guys making games on the side a charity case. But all proceeds will go toward the making of more goofs, games, or goof games.
  • Can I buy shirts for all of my friends and family?
    I mean, we hadn’t really thought about it, but now that you mention it that seems like a good idea. We’ve heard our shirts make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, Honda Days, and more. Maybe grab 4-5 while you’re at it?